Cale Design is an emerging Italian firm established in 2022 by architect Alessia Romani and architect Carla Gambioli. Its design is inspired by the cultural heritage of Montefeltro, the area of the Marche region where Romani and Gambioli were born.

The cradle of the Renaissance (with Florence), which gave life to a new vision of the world through the works of artists like Raffaello, Piero della Francesca, Francesco di Giorgio Martini, and Bramante.

Cale Design creates furnishings and accessories rooted in the past but meeting today’s needs. And it does so by blending science and creativity, aesthetics and ethics, and blurring the lines between disciplines with contaminations, ancient knowledge, and innovation. This way, design becomes a legacy.

This is revealed in the first collection of the same name – Cale (Cale is the ancient name of the town of Cagli) with a procedure handed down among the city’s architecture, the tiles, gestures, scratch the truffle, technique, art of inlay and the elaboration of an unprecedented worldview, pespective.